Our church is a non profit organization registered as a 501(c) public charity. All donations are fully tax deductible.

If you enjoy listening to the sermons on the website and are able to help contribute to the maintenance and restoration of this historical building, your donations will be greatly appreciated and will be used to carry on the work that the Lord has called us to do. God blessed us with enough to purchase this building outright, so we are not carrying the burden of a mortgage. We have no additional overhead like the larger churches as our members volunteer their expertise in many areas to assist with the day to day operation. All money that is taken in by the church is used strictly for the charitable work that we do and the extra expenses of the church. I am blessed to also have my own successful business, and therefore I do not take any salary from the church. We are dedicated to helping the people in our church and community in these times of economic trouble.

To date we have completed the replacement of the front doors and windows as well as replaced the siding and back porch.  We still have some minor interior repairs and upgrades to make, but we feel the building changes so far are keeping with the historical look and feel of the facility.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Pastor J.R. Pilcher