the one he speaks through

The One He Speaks Through by Mandisa (Album: Out of the Dark)

Have you ever been going somewhere and you see a car on the side of the road and you feel the urge to go and see if they need help? Or has an old friend ever just popped into your mind and you don't know why? That is God speaking to you, and if you act on what He is telling you to do, you are speaking to others. God can speak through anyone. We just need to be willing to not only hear His voice, but to act on what He is telling us to do, even if it seems small and maybe insignificant. To us, something may seem small and insignificant, but to the the person we are speaking to or helping, it could be huge.

I have personally seen this happen, and it has happened to me. Someone has said something or done something for me, that to someone else may seem really small and unimportant, but to me, it meant the world. I hope I have done the same for others, both by my words and my actions.

Will you act on what God is telling you today? You are God's instrument. You are the one He speaks through!

Lindsey Luman